O' Neills Music of Ireland - letter c

Cahill's Courtship
Callan Lasses, The
Cameronian Reel, The
Captain Kelly's Reel (Irish Trad)
Captain O'Clery's Fancy
Captain O'Kane
Captain O'Kane (Irish Trad)
Captain O'Neill
Captain Pugwash Theme (Trumpet Hornpipe)
Caroline O'Neill's Hornpipe (Irish Folk Song)
Casey the Whistler (Irish Trad)
Castle Donovan
Castle Donovan (Irish Trad)
Castle Island (Irish Folk Song)
Catherine Nowlan
Celia Connellan.
Celia O'Gara
Charles Mac Hugh
Charles O'Reilly
Charley the Prayermaster (Irish Folk Song)
Charlie Stewart.
Charming Mary O'Neill
Cherish the Ladies (Irish Trad)
Chief O'Neill's Favorite (Irish Trad Hornpipe)
Chief O'Neill's Visit
Child of My Heart (Irish Folk Song)
Clark's Hornpipe (Irish Folk Song)
Clarkson's Reel
Cloone Hornpipe, The
Cloone Hornpipe., The
Coey's Hornpipe
Coey's Hornpipe (Irish Trad)
Col McBain
Colonel Fraser (Irish Folk Song)
Colonel Hopkins
Colonel Rodney
Come Back to Erin (Irish Trad)
Come In from the Rain (Irish Folk Song)
Come Now Or Stay
Come To Dinner
Come To The Bottle House
Come to the Dance
Come Up Stairs with Me.
Comely Jane Downing
Coming From The Wedding
Coming From The Wedding (Irish Trad)
Coming Over The Hills (Irish Folk Song)
Con Casey's Jig (Irish Folk Song)
Condon's Frolics
Connie the Soldier.
Considine's Grove
Consolation No.2
Contentment Is Wealth (Irish Folk Song)
Cooney's Hornpipe
Corney Drew's Hornpipe
Corney is Coming
Courting Them All
Courtney's Favorite.
Crabs in the Skillet (Irish Folk Song)
Craig's Reel (Irish Folk Song)
Cronin's Favorite
Cronin's Rambles
Cronin's Rambles
Crossing the Stream
Crossroads Dance, The (Irish Folk Song)
Crossroads Dance., The
Crow's Nest., The
Cunningham's Fancy
Curly Locks (Irish Folk Song)
Curse the Laws That Gave Me Cause

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