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O' Neills Music of Ireland - letter h

  • Hag with the Money, The (Irish Trad.)
  • Halfway House, The (Irish Folk Song)
  • Handy With the Stick (Irish Folk Song)
  • Happy to Meet and Sorry to Part (Irish Folk Song)
  • Hardy Man the Fiddler (Irish Trad)
  • Harrington Hall (Irish Trad)
  • Hartigan's Fancy
  • Have a Drink on Me (Irish Trad)
  • Have You Seen My Valentine? (Irish Trad)
  • Hawk's Hornpipe (Irish Trad)
  • He Left Us in Sorrow (Irish Trad)
  • Heart And Hand (Irish Trad)
  • Her Blushing Cheek (Irish Trad)
  • Here's Good Health to the Piper! (Irish Trad)
  • Hick's Hornpipe
  • Hicks' Hornpipe (Irish Trad)
  • Hide and Go Seek (Irish Trad)
  • Higgins' Best (Irish Trad)
  • Higgins' Hornpipe (Irish Trad)
  • Hinchy's Delight (Irish Trad)
  • How are you Kitty? (Irish Trad)
  • How Is Your Mother? (Irish Trad)
  • How Much Has She Got? (Irish Trad)
  • How Paddy Was Fooled (Irish Trad)
  • How the Money Goes (Irish Trad)
  • Hugh McArdle's Fancy (Irish Trad)
  • Huish the Cat (Irish Trad)
  • Hull's Victory (Irish Trad)
  • Humors of Newcastle, The (Irish Trad)
  • Humphrey's Hornpipe (Irish Trad)
  • Hunt, The
  • Hunt, The (Irish Trad)
  • Hunting Hare (Irish Trad)


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