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Mozart Queen of the Night aria from The Ma...
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Advanced Level
Bach Aria from Goldberg Variations (Vibraphone) Advanced Level
Bach Violin Concerto 2nd Mvt (Vibraphone) Advanced Level
Scott Joplin Rose Leaf Rag (Xylophone) Advanced Level
Rimsky-Korsakov The Flight of the Bumblebee (Xylophone) Advanced Level
Tchaikovsky Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy from the Nutcracker (Glockenspiel) Advanced Level
Tchaikovsky October - Autumn Song from The Seasons op. 37a no. 10 (Vibraphone) Advanced Level
Vivaldi Concerto in A Minor 3rd mvt (Marimba) Advanced Level
Teemu Soini Ants in the Pants (Xylophone) Advanced Level
Massenet Meditation from Thais (Vibraphone) Intermediate Level
Aaron Copland Bonaparte's Retreat (Traditional Song - as used in Rodeo) Intermediate Level
W C Handy The Memphis Blues (Xylophone) Intermediate Level
Fucik Entry of the Gladiators (Xylophone) Intermediate Level
Pharrell Williams Happiness is the Truth (Pharrell Williams-style) (Marimba) Intermediate Level
Sebastian Iradier La Paloma (Tango) (Vibraphone) Intermediate Level
Carlos Gardel Por Una Cabeza (Xylophone) Intermediate Level
Fats Waller Ain't Misbehavin' (Marimba) Intermediate Level
Percy Wenrich Moonlight Bay (Glockenspiel) Intermediate Level
Unknown Spanish Romance (Sor's Melody) (Glockenspiel) Intermediate Level
John W. Bratton The Teddy Bears' Picnic (Marimba) Intermediate Level

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