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Type ArtistTitle Level
David Bruce Pirates of the Aegean Easy Level
Handel Sarabande from Suite in D minor, HWV 437 (Theme from Stanley Kubricks Barry Lyndon) Easy Level
Gounod Funeral March of a Marionette (Theme from Alfred Hitchcock Presents) Easy Level
Purcell Funeral March (As used in the film A Clockwork Orange) Easy Level
David Bruce Piano of desire (homage to Michael Nyman) Easy Level
Mozart Sull aria from The Marriage of Figaro (as used in 'The Shawshank Redemption) Easy Level
David Bruce The Sicilian Don Easy Level
Beethoven Theme from Six Variations Op. 76 (Jean Jacques Perrey: The Elephant Never Forgets) Easy Level
Trad. Bayan Ko (Philippines Trad.) Easy Level
David Bruce Parkgate High Easy Level
David Bruce Submarine Warfare Easy Level
Mouret Fanfare-Rondeau first Suite de symphonies (Theme from Masterpiece Theatre) Easy Level
Berlioz Dies Irae theme from Symphonie Fantastique (Theme from Stanley Kubricks The Shining) Easy Level
David Bruce Creak, Crunch, Scream! Easy Level
Trad. Theme from Fargo: Den Bortkomne Sauen (The Lost Lamb) Easy Level

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