Introducting the 4 strings

The 4 Strings of the Cello

Let’s plunge straight in and learn the names of the 4 strings.

On the cello the highest string is on the left side as you are sitting with the instrument. You can also tell that it is the highest one because of its thinness. It is called ‘A’.

Moving downwards the names are: D, G and C (the thickest one).

The easy way to remember their names going is to have a saying like: ‘Cats Go Down Alleys’

Before we talk about the bow, lets pluck all those strings with the first finger of the right hand. Pluck the string in the gap between the bridge and the end of the black fingerboard.

Click on the play button to hear how this should sound.

Here's another exercise to try, again simply plucking the strings with the right hand. Try to pluck in a regular rhythm.

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