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Guitar Lesson: Guitar Tuning Part 2 : Tuning Your Guitar

by David Bruce

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Now you've got the E string tuned you can tune the rest of the strings, using the E-string as a base. We will now work our way up the guitar strings, starting from the low E we have just tuned.

Tuning the A String

To tune the A string, play the note A on the low E string, together with the open A string, as shown below.

If the strings are out of tune you may hear a gentle vibrating noise. The slower this vibration, the closer the strings are in terms of tuning.

Leaving the strings ringing, adjust the tuning key for the A string with your strumming hand. If the sound dies away, strum the two strings again.

Repeat this process until you are sure the two As are exactly together.

You will now follow the same process on the remaining strings:

Firstly tuning the open D string to a D played on the A string:

Then tuning the open G string to a G played on the D string:

When it comes to the B string you need to find the B on the G-string. This is one fret nearer to the head of the guitar, as shown :

Finally we will tune the high E-string, by playing E on the B string - back on the fifth fret, as shown :

Now you're up and ready to play !

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