Piano Lesson: Rock and Pop Piano - Funk Pattern 1

by David Bruce

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In this lesson we'll look at a short funk pattern with some stabbing right-hand chords, and a classic walking-bass riff. Here's how it sounds:

Start by practising it hands separately. As with any funk riff, the key is getting those 16th notes just behind the beat. The right hand has three of them in a row:

Notice however, that the second group of notes are both staccato, whereas the first and third groups have a longer first chord. This is important to help create the right feel to the groove. Now let's look at this left hand:

The left hand functions as the solid on-the-beat pattern, allowing your right hand to play off it, it needs to have a solid steady beat.

The second bar is a kind of walk up the piano in octaves - it's a really fun and classic piano technique which you'll find in walking bass jazz and elsewhere.

Now here's the pattern and on the play button is just a drum track to give you a chance to play along yourself.

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