Mouth shape - making a sound

The following outlines the first steps to attaining a good mouth shape for trumpet playing.
  • Keep your teeth slighly apart. Your lips should be only lightly touching. Hold the lips as if about to say the 'M' in 'mother'.
  • Blow to make your lips buzz.
  • Now put the trumpet mouthpiece on your lips and make the same buzz into the center of the mouthpiece.
  • To make a clear start to the sound you use your tongue. Start the next buzz with a 'T'. Do not put your tongue outside your lips - it stays inside your mouth.
  • Now try putting the mouthpiece into the instrument and try the same thing- you should be able to produce a note.

Things to watch out for:
  • Do not stick your lips out as if blowing a kiss!
  • Do not puff your cheeks out when blowing
  • Do try to breathe from your stomach - when you take a deep breath don't raise your shoulders.
  • Do practise blowing long notes into your instrument and holding them. Learning to control your breath is crucial to good trumpet playing.

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