High and Low sounds

Once you've practised the lip-buzzing we discussed in Lesson 1, we'll see here how it's possible to make higher and lower sounds by adjusting your lips.
  • To make higher sounds, your lips must be tighter together when you blow the air through them. You will have to blow harder to make this happen.
  • To make lower sounds, relax the lips and blow more softly.

Start by trying to make higher and lower sounds into the mouthpiece by itself. When you think you've got the hang of it, try it on the trumpet itself.

Up and down exercise

Now we'll try playing a pattern of higher and lower notes.

- for a note below the line, play a low note

- for a note above the line, play a high note

Exercise 1

Exercise 2

For now it doesn't matter what note you play - you could try the above exercises using no valves, or try various combinations of valves and see if you can still make the sound higher or lower as required.

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