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50 Cent's massive hit 'In Da Club' celebrates on of the key elements of Hip Hop and funk music - the syncopated two note riff.

There are two different ways you can make a two note pattern off-beat - simply enough:

  • The first note is on the off beat
  • The second note is on the off beat
(Actually of course there's a third - both notes are off-beat! But that's a bit less common.

Putting the first note on the beat, and the second on the last semiquaver before the beat sounds like this:

50 cent In Da Club

It's a great effect which has been used since James Brown's Sex Machine, and before.

Now here's what happens when it's the first of the two notes that is off the beat:

50 cent In Da Club

This second example is the way 50 Cent use it - amazingly the piece consists of almost nothing but this two note pattern.

Check out this fabulous piece in full by following the link below:

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In Da Club Performed by 50 Cent. Edited by Jeannette Delisa. Piano/Vocal/Chords. Arrangements for piano and voice with guitar chords. 8 pages. Published by Warner Brothers. (PVM03031)
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