Licks and Riffs: Alicia Keys - Fallin

Licks & Riffs : Alicia Keys - Fallin

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Alicia Keys' Fallin is one of the defining tracks of the year 2002. It's a great track for pianists and Keys' fine live performances at the piano have done a lot to attract new players to the instrument.

Keys has often spoken of her love for classical masters of the piano like Beethoven and Mozart.

It could even be argued that the piano ostinato that forms the basis of Fallin' is inspired by the opening of Beethoven's great Moonlight Sonata, formed as it is of a similar melancholy three note pattern.

The main difference between the two is that Beethoven's upward three note pattern repeats, where Keys' falls back down again - appropriately enough, given the title!

The only two chords used in the whole piece are E minor and B minor 7:

Just for fun, and comparison, here's the real opening of the Beethoven.


I keep on fallin' in and out of love with you
Sometimes I love you
Sometimes you make me blue
Sometimes I feel good
At times I feel used

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