Licks & Riffs : Pixie Lott - All about tonight

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This catchy song is based around the chord sequence heard in the opening.

Pixie Lott

The rhythm in the introduction is very syncopated (off the beat). The fourth bar is especially tricky since, for a moment, it sounds as if the accented notes are on the beat.

Pixie Lott

It may even help to think of the rhythm notated like this. Can you fit the work out where the chords should fit into this rhythm?:

Pixie Lott

Once you've have got this rhythm going, you can try adding a left hand to make it more interesting. This is an idea of how it might sound. It's best to try this without trying to read the notation. Just feel the riff.

Pixie Lott

Let's try putting this rhythm together with a set of chords different from those in the song.

Pixie Lott

Chords Used in Pixie Lott - All about tonight

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