Licks and Riffs: Sean Paul - Get Busy

Licks & Riffs : Sean Paul - Get Busy

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A chord pattern found in a lot of Spanish music start with E major or E minor; slides up to G major, then chromatically down F# major, F major and back to E.

Because of the fingering on the guitar, it's easiest to play this with an open E string at the top and bottom, effectively creating a pedal note to the chords:

Sean Paul

In Sean Paul's big hit 'Get Busy', you can see this Spanish influence (or more probably Portuguese, like Paul's father), mixed with a heavy dose of Carribean beat.

For the rhythm, try the 8th note pattern of 3-3-2. You could play around with patterns like this all day!

Sean Paul


Shake that thing Miss Kana Kana
Shake that thing Miss Annabella
Shake that thing Miss Donna Donna
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