Licks and Riffs: Lana Del Rey - Video Games

Licks & Riffs : Lana Del Rey - Video Games

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Though the chords of Video Games are simple, the key of the song - F#minor - makes them a little tricky. Itís worth trying to master them in this key, however, so that you can play along with the original.

The chords of the chorus follow a simple repeating pattern:

Lana Del Rey

The rhythm of the vocal melody is based around this idea:

Lana Del Rey

Can you work out the melody (hint: try starting on the note A)? With the left hand chords and melody together the result will sound something like this.

Lana Del Rey

The chorus is based upon these chords. Can you work out the rest of this song with this information?

Lana Del Rey

Chords Used in Lana Del Rey - Video Games

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