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Playing your first note on the sax

We're going to try to make our very first note with the sax now. You don't need to press down any of the keys - it's just a simple matter of controlling your mouth and lungs.

With the mouth positioned as outlined in Lesson 1, now place the tip of your tongue on the tip of the reed and in a gentle 'spitting' motion, draw it backwards, releasing air into the instrument.

The air blows over the reed, causing it to vibrate and (hopefully) producing a tone!

What to do if it doesn't work

  • First off - be patient!
  • Blow a little harder - if you blow too soft, the reed will not vibrate.
  • If you make nothing but squeaks, try slightly adjusting your mouth muscles, watching and listening for any improvements.

Take a deep breath before each note and try to hold it for as long as possible. Read more about breath control in our next lesson.

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