McCoy Tyner - McCoy Tyner-Style Pentatonics

McCoy Tyner - McCoy Tyner-Style Pentatonics for Piano Riff Lesson


This piece is part of our McCoy Tyner Piano Licks Compilation

  • Pentatonic scales are a key feature of the McCoy Tyner style.
  • This example is a minor jazz blues tune.
  • The first three bars are a pure C minor pentatonic scale played in a pattern.
  • In the fourth bar the phrase is repeated up a half tone.
  • Repeating phrases up or down a half tone is a very common thing in modal jazz.
  • Bars 5 and 6 are C minor pentatonic played over Fm (IVm) in blues.
  • Bar 9 is a Eb minor pentatonic played over Ab7 (VIb7).
  • Bar 10 is a D minor pentatonic played over G7.
  • The trick is to play a minor pentatonic from the fifth note of the dominant seven chord.
Tempo: 99BPM


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