Dowland - Come Again sheet music

Dowland - Come Again sheet music for Oboe (pdf)

Tempo: q = 160 BPM


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About 'Come Again'

Artist: Dowland, John (biography)   (sheet music)
Born:1563 , London
Died:1626 , London
The Artist:English composer, singer and lutenist

Come again! sweet love doth now invite
Thy graces that refrain
To do me due delight,
To see, to hear, to touch, to kiss, to die,
With thee again in sweetest sympathy.

Come again! that I may cease to mourn
Through thy unkind disdain;
For now left and forlorn
I sit, I sigh, I weep, I faint, I die
In deadly pain and endless misery.

All the day the sun that lends me shine
By frowns doth cause me pine
And feeds me with delay;
Her smiles, my springs that makes my joy to grow,
Her frowns the winter of my woe.

All the night my sleeps are full of dreams,
My eyes are full of streams.
My heart takes no delight
Score Key:C major (Sounding Pitch) (View more C major Music for Oboe )
Tempo Marking: = 160
Time Signature:4/2 (View more 4/2 Music)
Number of Pages:1
Difficulty:Easy Level: Recommended for Beginners with some playing experience
Instrument: Oboe  (View more Easy Oboe Music)
Style: Classical (View more Classical Oboe Music)
Copyright: © Copyright 2000-2020 Red Balloon Technology Ltd (
This file may be printed and performed freely, but should not be digitally copied, shared or reproduced without permission.  

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