Nacio Herb Brown - The Sneak sheet music

Nacio Herb Brown - The Sneak sheet music for Piano


This piece is part of our Halloween Music for Piano Compilation

Tempo: Moderato e mysterioso (h = c. 72) BPM


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The Sneak Lyrics

Have you heard about the Sneak,
Ha! Ha! the Sneak, Ha! Ha! Ha!

In your window he will peak,
Ha! Ha! will peek, Ha! Ha! Ha!

When the wind begins to howl,
Ha! Ha! howl, Ha! Ha! Ha!

In your bedroom he will prowl, then.

He’ll rise before your eyes
And laugh in glee
And dance so merrily

He’s got your number,
you’ll never slumber,
For he will gloat,
and try to get your goat

Like a white ghost,
He’s in the air,
when you grab him,
he isn’t there

He’ll make you shake
keep you wide awake,
and OH! how you shiver.

Sandman comes stealin’ ’round
but at a glance, he hasn’t got a chance
“There is no doubt” says Mister Gout,
“you’ll pay for stepping out”

Mince pies, rare bits, everything you ate
Keeps a jumping, thumping, yelling “This is great”
While moon gleams
and the owl screams “Sweet Dreams”

Just as soon as break of day,
Ha! Ha! the day, Ha! Ha! Ha!

Then the Sneak he sneaks away,
Ha! Ha! away, Ha! Ha! Ha!

While you roll and toss Can’t sleep,
Ha! Ha! can’t sleep, Ha! Ha! Ha!

Goes the Sneak!
Score Key:G minor (Sounding Pitch) (View more G minor Music for Piano )
Tempo Marking:Moderato e mysterioso ( = c. 72)
Time Signature:2/2 (View more 2/2 Music)
Number of Pages:4
Difficulty:Intermediate Level: Recommended for Intermediate Level players
Instrument: Piano  (View more Intermediate Piano Music)
Style: Pop (View more Pop Piano Music)
Copyright: © Copyright 2000-2020 Red Balloon Technology Ltd (
This file may be printed and performed freely, but should not be digitally copied, shared or reproduced without permission.  

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