Carissimi - Vittoria, mio core! (Victorious my heart is!) Cantata
Sheet music for Soprano Voice

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About 'Vittoria, mio core! (Victorious my heart is!) Cantata'

Carissimi, Giacomo (biography)
The Artist:
Italian composer and music teacher. He is one of the most celebrated masters of the early Baroque or, more accurately, the Roman School of music.
Info: Lyrics

Vittoria, vittoria, mio core!
Non lagrimar più,
È sciolta d’Amore
La vil servitù.

Già l’empia a’ tuoi danni
Fra stuolo di sguardi,
Con vezzi bugiardi
Dispose gl’inganni;

Le frode, gli affanni
Non hanno più loco,
Del crudo suo foco
È spento l’ardore!

Da luci ridenti
Non esce più strale,
Che piaga mortale
Nel petto m’avventi:

Nel duol, ne’ tormenti
Io più non mi sfaccio
È rotto ogni laccio,
Sparito il timore!


Victory! Victory, my heart!
Don’t weep anymore!
The humiliating servitude
of love is loosen!

Before, the cruel, against you
into a multitude of gazes
with lier charms,
arranged her tricks .

Frauds and griefs
no longer take place;
the warmth of his cruel fire
had been extinguished.

From pleasant lights
no longer does leave a dart
that could a mortal lesion
rush in my breast ;

No longer in pain, in troubles
I macerate myself;
all ties are broken,
the fear disappeared!
Score Key:C major (Sounding Pitch) (View more C major Music for Soprano Voice )
Tempo Marking:Allegro con brio = 168 (View more music marked Allegro)
Time Signature:3/4 (View more 3/4 Music)
Number of Pages:6
Difficulty:Intermediate Level: Recommended for Intermediate Level players
Instrument:   (View more Intermediate Music)
Style: Classical (View more Classical Music)
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