Scarlatti - Se Florindo è fedele (Should Florindo be faithful)
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Se Florindo è fedele io m'innamorerò,
S'è fedele Florindo m'innamorerò.
Potrà ben l'arco tendere il faretrato arcier,
Ch'io mi saprò difendere d'un guardo lusinghier.
Preghi, pianti e querele, io non ascolterò
Ma se sarà fedele io m'innamorerò,
Se Florindo è fedele io m'innamorerò.


If Florindo will behave in loyalty, I'll fall in love with him
If he's loyal, I'll fall in love with him.
Let him tighten his bow, That quiverful archer,
That I'll be able to defend myself from such a tempting glance.
I won't listen to petitions, tears and quarrels.
But if he'll behave in loyalty, I'll fall in love with him
If he's loyal I'll fall in love with him.
Time Signature:3/8 (View more 3/8 Music)
Score Key:Ab major (Sounding Pitch) Bb major (Trumpet in Bb) (View more Ab major Music for Trumpet )
Tempo Marking:Allegretto grazioso, moderato assai =132
Number of Pages:5
Difficulty:Intermediate Level: Recommended for Intermediate Level players
Instrument:   (View more Intermediate Music)
Style: Classical (View more Classical Music)
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