Byrd - Though Amaryllis Dance in Green
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About 'Though Amaryllis Dance in Green'

Byrd, William (biography)

Though Amaryllis dance in green
Like Fairy Queen,
And sing full clear;
Corinna can, with smiling cheer.
Yet since their eyes make heart so sore,
Hey ho! chil love no more.

My sheep are lost for want of food
And I so wood1
That all the day
I sit and watch a herd-maid gay;
Who laughs to see me sigh so sore,
Hey ho! chil love no more.

Her loving looks, her beauty bright,
Is such delight!
That all in vain
I love to like, and lose my gain
For her, that thanks me not therefore.
Hey ho! chil love no more.

Ah wanton eyes! my friendly foes
And cause of woes;
Your sweet desire
Breeds flames of ice, and freeze in fire!
Ye scorn to see me weep so sore!
Hey ho! chil love no more.

Love ye who list, I force him not:
Since God is wot,
The more I wail,
The less my sighs and tears prevail.
What shall I do? but say therefore,
Hey ho! chil love no more.
Time Signature:3/2 (View more 3/2 Music)
Score Key:C major (Sounding Pitch) (View more C major Music for Choir )
Tempo Marking:Lively =c.80
Number of Pages:6
Difficulty:Intermediate Level: Recommended for Intermediate Level players

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