Verdi, Giuseppe - Questa o quella from Rigoletto
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About 'Questa o quella from Rigoletto'

October 10, 1813
January 27, 1901
The Artist:
Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi (October 10, 1813 - January 27, 1901) was one of the great composers of Italian opera. A composer of romantic music, his work was already very popular during his lifetime and remains so today.

Questa o quella per me pari sono
a quant' altre d' intorno mi vedo,
del mio core l' impero non cedo
meglio ad una che ad altre beltà
La costoro avvenenza è qual dono
di che il fato ne infiora la vita
s' oggi questa mi torna gradita
forse un' altra doman lo sarà.
La costanza tiranna delcore
detestiamo qual morbo crudele,
sol chi vuole si serbi fedele;
Non v'ha amor se non v'è libertà.

De' i mariti il geloso furore,
degli amanti le smanie derido,
anco d' Argo i cent'occhi disfido
se mi punge una qualche beltà.


This girl or that girl are equal
to the all the others I see around me,
the core of my being I will not yield
to one beauty or another
their attractiveness is what they are gifted
from fate and embellishes life
Perhaps today this girl welcomes me
perhaps tomorrow another girl will demand me.
Constancy is a tyrant to the heart
it is a hated cruel disease to
only those who want you to be faithful;
There can be no love if there is no freedom.
Husbands’ jealous rage,
lovers’ woes I despise,
I defy the hundred eyes of Argo
if I fancy a few beauties.
Score Key:
Eb major (Sounding Pitch) (View more Eb major Music for Voice )
Time Signature:
6/8 (View more 6/8 Music)
Tempo Marking:
Allegretto .=88
Number of Pages:
Intermediate Level: Recommended for Intermediate Level players
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