Massenet - Pourquoi me réveiller? from Werther
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About 'Pourquoi me réveiller? from Werther'

Massenet, Jules (biography)
1842 , Montaud, St Etienne
1912 , Paris
The Artist:
Best known for his numerous operas, and wrote in a generally melodic style.
Pourquoi me réveiller,
Ô souffle du printemps?
Pourquoi me réveiller
Sur mon front je sens tes caresses,
Et pourtant bien proche est le temps
Des orages et des tristesses!
Pourquoi me réveiller,
Ô souffle du printemps?
Demain dans le vallon
Viendra le voyageur
Se souvenant de ma gloire première.
Et ses yeux vainement
Chercheront ma splendeur.
Ils ne trouveront plus que deuil
Et que misère! hé1as!
Pourquoi me réveiller,
Ô souffle du printemps?

"Why do you wake me now, o sweetest breath of spring?
On my brow I sense your most gentle caresses,
yet how soon creeps on the time
filled with tempests and with distresses!
Tomorrow through the vale,the traveller will pass,
recalling all the glory of the past.
And in vain he will search for the bloom of my youth,
and nothing will he find but deep and endless sorrow."
Alas! Why do you wake me now, o sweetest breath of spring!
Score Key:A major (Sounding Pitch) (View more A major Music for Tenor Voice )
Time Signature:4/4 (View more 4/4 Music)
Tempo Marking:Lento = 60
Number of Pages:5
Difficulty:Intermediate Level: Recommended for Intermediate Level players


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