Bach - Es ist genug from Cantata 60, BWV 60
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About 'Es ist genug from Cantata 60, BWV 60'

Bach, Johann Sebastian (biography)
21 March 1685 , Eisenach
28 July 1750 , Leipzig
The Artist:
One of the greatest composers of all time. Bach wrote hundreds of pieces for organ, choir, as well as many other instruments. He spent most of his life as a church organist and a choir director. His music combines profound expression with clever musico-mathematical feats, like fugues and canons in which the same melody is played against itself in various ways.
Es ist genug!
So nimm, Herr, meinen Geist
zu Zions Geistern hin;
lös auf das Band, das allgemählich reißt;
befreie diesen Sinn,
der sich nach seinem Gotte sehnet,
der täglich klagt und nächtlich thränet:
Es ist genug!

Es ist genug
des Jammers, der mich drückt!
Des Adams Apfelgier, das Sündengift,
hat kaum mich nicht erstickt;
nichts Gutes wohnt in mir.
Was kläglich mich von Gotte trennet,
was täglich mich beflecket nennet,
des ist genug.

Es ist genug
des Kreuzes, das mir fast
den Rücken wund gemacht;
wie schwer, o Gott, wie hart ist diese Last!
Ich schwemme manche Nacht
mein hartes Lager durch mit Thränen.
Wie lang, wie lange muß ich sehnen?
Wann ists genug?

Es ist genug,
wenn nur mein Jesus will.
Er kennet ja mein Herz;
Ich harre sein und halt indessen still,
bis er mir allen Schmerz,
der meine sieche Brust abnaget,
zurücke legt und zu mir saget:
Es ist genug!

Es ist genug,
Herr, wenn es dir gefällt,
so spanne mich doch aus.
Mein Jesus kömmt!
Nun gute Nacht, o Welt!
Ich fahr ins Himmelshaus,
ich fahre sicher hin mit Frieden;
Mein feuchter Jammer bleibt darnieden.
Es ist genug!

It is enough!
Therefore, Lord, take my spirit
from here to the spirits of Zion;
undo the ties , that gradually are tearing me apart;
set free this mind
that yearns for its God,
that daily laments and nightly weeps:
It is enough!

There is enough
of the misery that crushes me!
Adam’s greed for the apple, the poison of sin
have all but smothered me;
nothing good dwells in me.
What miserably separates me from God,
what each day marks me out as polluted
- of this there is enough.

There is enough
of the cross that almost
breaks my back;
how heavy, o God, how hard is this burden!
Many nights I soak
my hard bed with my tears.
How long, how long must I yearn?
When is it enough?

It is enough
only when my Jesus wills.
He indeed knows my heart;
I wait for him and meanwhile keep calm,
until by him all the sorrow
that gnaws away at my sickly breast
is put aside and he says to me:
It is enough!

It is enough,

Lord, when it is pleasing to you,

then grant me release.

May my Jesus come!

Now good night, o world.

I am going to heaven’s house,

I go confidently from here with joy;

my dismal sorrow remains down below.

It is enough!
Score Key:A major (Sounding Pitch) (View more A major Music for Violin )
Time Signature:4/4 (View more 4/4 Music)
Tempo Marking: = 60
Number of Pages:4
Difficulty:Intermediate Level: Recommended for Intermediate Level players
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Style: Classical (View more Classical Music)
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