Will Ye No Come Back Again?
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About 'Will Ye No Come Back Again?'

Trad. (biography)
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The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.
Bonny Charlie's noo awa'
Safely o'er the friendly main,
Mony a heart will break in twa,
Should he ne'er come back again.

Will ye no come back again?
Will ye no come back again?
Better lo'ed ye canna be.
Will ye no come back again?

Ye trusted in your hieland men,
They trusted you dear Charlie!
They kent your hiding in the glen,
Death and exile braving

English bribes were a' in vain
Tho' puir and puirer we maun be,
Siller canna buy the heart
That aye beats warm for thine and thee.

We watched thee in the gloamin' hour
We watched thee in the mornin' grey,
Though thirty thousand pounds they gi'e,
Oh, there is nane that would betray!

Sweet's the laverock's note and lang,
Liltin' wildly up the glen
But aye to me he sings a sang,
"Will ye no come back again?"
Tempo Marking:Moderato
Time Signature:2/2 (View more 2/2 Music)
Score Key:F major (Sounding Pitch) (View more F major Music for Voice )
Number of Pages:2
Difficulty:Easy Level: Recommended for Beginners with some playing experience

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