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Around the Corner

Around the Corner
(Josef Marais)

Tonight all the folks will cut the corn, cut the corn
Tonight I'll be glad that I was born (I was born)
For my Emily I'll see, she'll be cutting corn with me
And we'll meet beneath the bitterberry tree.

Around the corner, oooh oooh,
Beneath the berry tree,
Along the footpath, behind the bush
Looking for Emily.

Tonight, ah, the stars are shining bright (shining bright)
Tonight, ah, the cornfields are a sight (are a sight)
I have reached the meeting spot, but my Emily has not
And I wonder can it be that she forgot?

Tonight as the moon begins to sink (sink and sink)
Tonight, there are footsteps which I think (which I think)
Will at last bring her to me, my beloved Emily
But I wonder why so late she has to be.

"Oh Emily, why did you you make me wait?"
" I'm late because I had another date"
It was plain for me to see she'd been keeping company
With another boy beneath another tree.

Tonight all the folks will cut the corn
Tonight I'm alone and so forlorn
For my Emily was fickle...so I used my little sickle
Now th blood beneath the berry tree does trickle.

Copyright Frank Music Company 1950
note: Marais said he used two traditional tunes he learned as a
child, and wrote words to fit. RG


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