Rossini - Una voce poco fa from The Barber of Seville
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About 'Una voce poco fa from The Barber of Seville'

Rossini, Giacchino (biography)
1792 , Pesaro
1868 , Paris
The Artist:
Italian opera composer, whose work includes the comic masterpiece The barber of Seville. After intensive work on the opera William Tell, he spent the last 40 years of his life composing almost nothing, possibly in part due to ill health.
Una voce poco fa
qui nel cor mi risuonò;
il mio cor ferito è già,
e Lindor fu che il piagò.
Sì, Lindoro mio sarà;
lo giurai, la vincerò.
Il tutor ricuserà,
io l'ingegno aguzzerò.
Alla fin s'accheterà.
e contenta io resterò
Sì, Lindoro mio sarà;
lo giurai, la vincerò.
Io sono docile, - son rispettosa,
sono ubbediente, - dolce, amorosa;
mi lascio reggere, - mi fo guidar.
Ma se mi toccano - dov'è il mio debole,
sarò una vipera - e cento trappole
prima di cedere - farò giocar.

The voice I heard just now
has thrilled my very heart.
My heart already is pierced
and it was Lindoro who hurled the dart.
Yes, Lindoro shall be mine,
I've sworn it, I'll succeed.
My guardian won't consent,
but I will sharpen my wits,
and at last, he will relent,
And I shall be content.
Yes, Lindoro etc.

I am docile,
I am respectful,
I am obedient,
sweet and loving.
I can be ruled,
I can be guided.
But if crossed in love,
I can be a viper,
and a hundred tricks
I shall play
before they have their way.
I am docile, etc.
Time Signature:3/4 (View more 3/4 Music)
Score Key:E major (Sounding Pitch) (View more E major Music for Violin )
Tempo Marking:Allegro Moderato =80 (View more music marked Allegro)
Number of Pages:13
Difficulty:Advanced Level: Recommended for Advanced Players


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