Unfortunate Miss Bailey
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Unfortunate Miss Bailey

Miss Bailey
(G. Colman)
(D) G - D - / G - D -

A captain bold, in Halifax, who dwelt in country quarters
Seduced a maid, who hanged herself one morning in her garters.
His wicked conscience troubled [1] him. He lost his stomach daily;
He took to drinking Ratafia and thought upon Miss Bailey.

Oh Miss Bailey
Unfortunate Miss Bailey

One night betimes he went to bed for he had caught the fever
Said he "I am a handsome rogue [2], and I'm a gay deceiver."
His candle just at twelve o'clock began to flicker [3] palely.
A ghost stepped up to his bedside and said: "Behold Miss Bailey."

"Avaunt, Miss Bailey" then he cried, "You can't affright me, really [4] !"
"Good Captain Smith," the ghost replied ,"You've used me ungenteely
The coroner's quest goes hard with me because I've acted frail-ly
And parson Biggs won't bury me, though I'm a dead Miss Bailey".

"Dear Ma'am [5]," says he, "Since you and I, accounts must once for all close.
I have a ten pound note [6] in my regimental small clothes.
T'will bribe the sexton for your grave." The ghost then vanished gaily,
Crying "Bless you wicked Captain Smith, remember poor Miss Bailey"

The captain from his bed arose, his fever now departed
His appetite being keen again, for town he quickly started
He ordered beef and mutton, too, as he once used to daily
He eyed the pretty ladies, and forgot about Miss Bailey

So come you maidens and beware of captains and their quarters
Don't let them hand your petticoats, nor lead them near your garters
But if you let them dilly dally round your flounces daily
Stay away from hempen ropes, remember poor Miss Bailey

Traditional, Last two verses by Mick Hamly
Verses 1-4 attributed to G. Colman; alternatives to phrases:
[1] smited [2] man, but [3] burn quite [4] your face looks white and mealy
[5] Dear corpse [6] I've really got a one pound note MJ

Note: tune is used also for Coortin' in the Kitchen; tune's name is
Ally Croker MS

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About 'Unfortunate Miss Bailey'

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The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.

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