Verdi - Di quella pira from Il Trovatore
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About 'Di quella pira from Il Trovatore'

Verdi, Giuseppe (biography)
October 10, 1813
January 27, 1901
The Artist:
Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi (October 10, 1813 - January 27, 1901) was one of the great composers of Italian opera. A composer of romantic music, his work was already very popular during his lifetime and remains so today.
Di quella pira l'orrendo foco
Tutte le fibre m'arse avvampò!...
Empi spegnetela, o ch'io tra poco
Col sangue vostro la spegnerò...
Era già figlio prima d'amarti
Non può frenarmi il tuo martir.
Madre infelice, corro a salvarti,
O teco almeno corro a morir!

Non reggo a colpi tanto funesti...
Oh quanto meglio sarìa morir!

Ruiz, Chorus of soldiers:
All'armi, all'armi! eccone presti
A pugnar teco, teco a morir.

Of that dark scaffold, those flames ascending,
Thrill thro' each fibre with madd'ning glow!
Quench them, ye monsters vile or, still offending,
To stay their fury, your blood shall flow!
I was her offspring, ere love I gave thee,
I vain, to hold me, thy griefs would try.
Mother unhappy! I fly to save thee,
Or, all else failing, with thee to die!

Such heavy sorrows my heart o'erpow'ring.
Oh! better far would it be to die!

Ruiz, Chorus of soldiers:
Arouse ye to arms now!
The foe we will defy!
Time Signature:3/4 (View more 3/4 Music)
Score Key:C major (Sounding Pitch) (View more C major Music for Tenor Voice )
Tempo Marking:Allegro = 100 (View more music marked Allegro)
Number of Pages:11
Difficulty:Intermediate Level: Recommended for Intermediate Level players


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