Barbara Allen
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Barbara Allen

Barbara Allen (2)

In Scarlet Town where I was born
There was a fair maid dwellin'
Made every youth cry well-a-day
Her name was Barbara Allen.

'Twas in the merry month of May
When green buds they were swellin'
Sweet William on his death-bed lay
For the love of Barbara Allen.

He sent his servant to the town,
To the place where she was a-dwellin',
Cried, "Master bids you come to him,
If your name be Barb'ry Allen."

Then slowly, slowly she got up,
And slowly went she nigh him,
And when she pulled the curtains back
Said, "Young man, I think you're dyin'.

"Oh, yes, I'm sick, I'm very very sick,
I never will be better,
Until I have the love of one
The love of Barb'ry Allen."

"Oh, ken ye not in yonder town
In the place where you were a-dwellin',
You gave a toast to the ladies all
But you slighted Barb'ry Allen."

"Oh yes, I ken, I ken it well,
In the place where I was a-dwellin';
I give a toast to the ladies all,
But my love to Barb'ry Allen."

Then lightly tripped she down the stairs,
He trembled like an aspen.
'Tis vain, 'tis vain, my dear young man,
To hone for Barb'ry Allen.

She walked out in the green, green fields.
She heard his death bells knellin'.
And every stroke they seemed to say,
"Hard-hearted Barb'ry Allen."

Her eyes looked east, her eyes looked west,
She saw his pale corpse comin';
She cried, "Bearers, bearers, put him down
That I may look upon him."

The more she looked, the more she grieved,
Until she burst out cryin';
She cried, "Bearers, bearers, take him off,
For I am now a-dyin'!"

"Oh, father, oh, father, go dig my grave,
Go dig it deep and narrow.
Sweet William died for me today;
I'll die for him tomorrow."

They buried her in the old churchyard,
Sweet William's grave was nigh her,
And from his heart grew a red, red rose,
And from her heart a brier.

They grew and they grew o'er the old church wall,
Till they couldn't grow no higher,
Until they tied a true lover's knot,
The red rose and the brier.

Child #84
From The Burl Ives Song Book

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Traditional Music of unknown author.

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