Just Before the Battle, Mother
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Just Before the Battle, Mother

Just Behind the Battle, Mother

A WWI parody of George Root's Civil war song,
"Just Before the Battle, Mother."
Learned from singing of Alan Shulman, gaps filled
from Dolph's Army Songs--RG

Just behind the battle, Mother
I'll come slinking home to you.
For the cannons' rattle, Mother
Makes me feel Almighty blue.
I am not as fond of dying,
As my comrades seem to be;
So, from missiles 'round me flying,
I'll come slinking home to thee.

Mother, can't you hear the hissing
Of the bullets, all too plain.
I may be numbered with the missing,
But never, never with the slain.

Gently falls the night, dear Mother
Gently slopes the battle plain.
But I'll be, still more gently, Mother,
Sloping home to you again.
I care not a whit for glory,
Or for laurels on my brow.
I would rather see them laurels
In your kitchen garden now.


I am sorry I resisted
Your entreatings long ago.
I was staunch when I enlisted,
But I'm much more flight now.
When I'm back again, dear Mother,
From your side I'll never roam.
I'll defend my country's honor
In tranquillity at home.



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About 'Just Before the Battle, Mother'

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The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.

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