Verdi - Ella mi fu rapita from Rigoletto
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About 'Ella mi fu rapita from Rigoletto'

Verdi, Giuseppe (biography)
October 10, 1813
January 27, 1901
The Artist:
Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi (October 10, 1813 - January 27, 1901) was one of the great composers of Italian opera. A composer of romantic music, his work was already very popular during his lifetime and remains so today.
Info: Lyrics:

Ella mi fu rapita!
E quando, o ciel?... ne' brevi
Istanti, prima che il mio presagio interno
Sull'orma corsa ancora mi spingesse!
Schiuso era l'uscio! e la magion deserta!
E dove ora sarà quell'angiol caro?
Colei che prima poté in questo core
Destar la fiamma di costanti affetti?
Colei sì pura, al cui modesto sguardo
Quasi spinto a virtù talor mi credo!
Ella mi fu rapita!
E chi l'ardiva?... ma ne avrò vendetta.
Lo chiede il pianto della mia diletta.

Parmi veder le lagrime
Scorrenti da quel ciglio,
Quando fra il dubbio e l'ansia
Del subito periglio,
Dell'amor nostro memore
Il suo Gualtier chiamò.
Ned ci potea soccorrerti,
Cara fanciulla amata;
Ei che vorria coll'anima
Farti quaggiù beata;
Ei che le sfere agli angeli
Per te non invidiò.

She has been stolen from me!
When, O heaven? In those few moments,
before some inner voice
made me hastily retrace my steps!
The gate was open, the house deserted!
And where is she now, that dear angel?
She who first kindled my heart
with the flame of a constant affection?

So pure that her modest demeanour
almost convinced me to lead a virtuous life!
She has been stolen from me!
And who dared do this? ... But I shall be avenged.
The tears of my beloved demand it.

I seem to see the tears
coursing from her eyes
as, bewildered and afraid
at the surprise attack,
remembering our love,
she called her Walter's name.
But could not defend you,
sweet, beloved maid;
he who would pledge his very soul
to bring you happiness;
he who, in loving you, envied
not even the angels.
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