Tamezō Narita - Hamabe no Uta (Song of the Seashore) 浜辺の歌
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This piece is part of our collection of Japanese pieces.

1. あした浜辺を さまよえば
昔のことぞ しのばるる
風の音よ 雲のさまよ
寄する波も 貝の色も

2. ゆうべ浜辺を もとおれば
昔の人ぞ しのばるる
寄する波よ かえす波よ
月の色も 星のかげも

3. はやちたちまち 波を吹き
赤裳(あかも)のすそぞ ぬれひじし
病みし我は すべていえて
浜の真砂(まさご) まなごいまは

1. Ashita hamabe wo samayoeba
Mukashi no koto zo shinobaruru
Kaze no oto yo kumo no samayo
Yosuru nami mo kai no iro mo

2. Yuube hamabe wo motooreba
Mukashi no hito zo shinobaruru
Yosuru nami yo kaesu nami yo
Tsuki no iro mo hoshi no kage mo

3. Hayachi tachimachi nami wo fuki
Akamo no susozo nurehijishi
Yomishiware wa subete iete
Hamabe no masago managoima wa

1. In the morning as I wandered about along the seashore
I remembered things from the old times
The sound of the wind, the shape of the cloud
The wave that came and the colour of the seashell too

2. At dusk as I wandered about along the seashore
I remembered people from the old times
The wave then came, the wave that went away
The colour of the moon and the light of the star too

3. The sudden wind blew the wave at once
The bottom of the red clothes became wet
I was sick but it already has healed
The sand along the seashore, where is my beloved child now
Time Signature:6/8 (View more 6/8 Music)
Score Key:Ab major (Sounding Pitch) (View more Ab major Music for Voice )
Tempo Marking:Andantino =c.120 (View more music marked Andantino)
Number of Pages:3
Difficulty:Easy Level: Recommended for Beginners with some playing experience
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Style: Traditional (View more Traditional Music)
world (View more world Music)
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