It's Better Than That
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It's Better Than That

It's Better Than that
(Lou and Peter Berryman)

I got a flash for you kids who think adults are lucky,
Own their own cars 'n everything's just ducky
Goin' to bed whenever they want to
If that's what you think I got a flash for you..

It's better than that.
Take Saturday and multiply it
Times fifty-four, and add thirty more
It's better than that.

We have a chocolate eclair about as big as your head
Way before noon before we get out of bed,
We do the things you're not allowed to do
Then we do things you haven't thought of, too..

Hang on to your hat
Hang on to your baloney sandwich
Take 50 grand to Disneyland
It's better than that.

If you think that our days are extra warm and sunny
A pile of toys, a pocketful of money
With no one to fear because we're big and tall
We're never in school because we know it all...

It's better than that
More comfy than a secret hideout
By quite a bit, just think of it
It's better than that.

Copyright 1984 L & P Berryman

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About 'It's Better Than That'

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The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.


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