Verdi, Giuseppe - O Patria Mia from Aida
Sheet music for Soprano Voice

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About 'O Patria Mia from Aida'

October 10, 1813
January 27, 1901
The Artist:
Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi (October 10, 1813 - January 27, 1901) was one of the great composers of Italian opera. A composer of romantic music, his work was already very popular during his lifetime and remains so today.
O patria mia, mai più ti rivedrò!
O cieli azzurri, o dolci aure native,
Dove sereno il mio mattin brillò,
O verdi colli, o profumate rive,
O patria mia, mai più ti rivedrò!
O fresche valli, o queto asil beato,
Che un dì promesso dall'amor mi fu;
Or che d'amore il sogno è dileguato,
O patria mia, non ti vedrò mai più!

Oh my homeland, I shall never see you again!
Oh blue skies, oh soft native breezes,
where the light of my youth shone in tranquillity;
oh green hills, perfumed shores,
oh my homeland, I shall never see you again!
Oh cool valleys, oh blessed, tranquil refuge
which once was promised me by love;
now that the dream of love has faded,
oh my homeland, I shall never see you again!
Time Signature:
4/4 (View more 4/4 Music)
Score Key:
F major (Sounding Pitch) (View more F major Music for Soprano Voice )
Tempo Marking:
Andante mosso =74 Andante mosso =92
Number of Pages:
Advanced Level: Recommended for Advanced Players
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