Blow the Candles Out
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Blow the Candles Out

Blow the Candles Out

When I was apprenticed in London, I went to see my dear
The candles all were burning, the moon shone bright and clear
I knocked upon her window to ease her out of her pain
She rose up to let me in, then barred the door again

I like well your behavior and this I often say
I cannot rest contented when I am far away
The roads they are so muddy, we cannot walk about
So roll me in your arms, Love, and blow the candles out

Your father and your mother in yonder room do lie
A-hugging one another, so why not you and I?
A-hugging one another, without a fear or doubt
So roll me in your arms, Love, and blow the candles out

I pray thee speak more softly of what we have to do
Lest that our noise of talking should make our pleasure rue
The streets they are so nigh, Love, the people walk about
They may peep in and spy, Love, so blow the candles out

And if we prove successful, Love, please name it after me
Treat it neat and kiss it sweet and daft it on your knee
When my three years are over, my time it will be out
And I will pay my debt to you by blowing the candles out

Recorded by Dyer-Bennet
DT #499
Laws P17

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About 'Blow the Candles Out'

Trad. (biography)
The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.


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