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My Clinch Mountain Home

Clinch Mountain Home
(A.P. Carter)

Far away on a hill, to a sunny mountain-side
Many years ago we parted, my little Ruth and I
From the sunny mountain-side
She clung to me and trembled, when I told her we must part
She said don't go my darling, it almost breaks my heart
to think of you, so far apart.

cho: Carry me back to old Virginia,
Back to my Clinch mountain home
Carry me back to old Virginia,
Back to my old mountain home.

I folded my arms around her, leaned her head upon my breast
I told her that I'd wed her, when I came back from the West
At my old Clinch mountain home
In my hand I hold the picture of the old home far away
In the other my sweetheart, I'm thinking of today
On the sunny mountain side.

My mother's old and feeble, my father's getting gray
I'm going back to Virginia, and I expect to stay
At my old Clinch mountain home.


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