Cuckolds All
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Cuckolds All

Cuckolds All a-Row

Not long ago, as all alone,I lay upon my Bed,
'Twixt sleeping and waking, this Maggot came in my head;
Which caused me in the mind to be, the meaning for to know,
With Skill and Wit, and then I writ, of Cuckolds all a-row

Methoughts I heard a Man and's Wife, as they together lie
Being quite void of strife, she thus to bim did say,
Quoth she, Sweet heart, if thou wilt Sport, my Love, to thee I'll show
A pretty thing shall make thee thee sing of Cuckolds all a-row.

Peace Wife, quoth he to her again, I'm sure thou dost but Jest,
Altho' I am Cornuted plain, I am no common Beast;
Yet ev'ry Woman's like to thee, for ought that I do know,
And each Man may be like to me, Cuckolds all a-row.

There's neither Lord, nor Gentleman, Citizen, or Clown,
That liveth in the City, or the Country Town,
But may carry horns about them, tho' they them never blow,
For Gallants are like other Men, Cuckolds all a-row

Your Tradesmen in the City, that sells by Weight and Measure
Perhaps may wear a horned brow, for Profit or for Pleasure;
When they to sell their Wares begin, that make so great a show,
Their Wives may play at In and In, Cuckolds all a-row.

Your Country prating Lawyers, that gets the Devil and all
Tht pleads every Term in Westminster Hall,
His Wife in the Country, for ought that he does know,
May let his Client have a fee, Cuckolds all a-row.

The Parson of the Parish, I hope shall not go free
While he is in his Study, another may be
A dandling of his Wife, and do the thing you know,
And make him wear the Corner's Cap, Cuckolds all a-row.

If anyone offended be, and think I do him wrong,
For naming of a Cuckold, in this my merry Song;
Let him subscribe his name, and eke his Dwelling show,
And He and I will soon agree, like Cuckolds all a-row.

From Pills to Purge Melancholy, v.4, D'Urfey
note: tune used in Beggar's Opera for Polly is a Sad Slut

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About 'Cuckolds All'

Trad. (biography)
The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.


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