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Dame Durden

Dame Durden

Dame Durden kept five servant maids
To carry the milking pail;
She also kept five labouring men
To use the spade and flail.

`Twas Moll and Bet, and Doll and Kit,
And Dolly to drag her tail;
It was Tom and Dick, and Joe and Jack,
And Humphrey with his flail.
And Joe kissed Dolly, and Jack kissed Kitty,
And Humphrey with his flail;
And Kitty she was the charming girl
To carry her milking pail.

Dame Durden in the morning so soon
She did begin to call;
To rouse her servants, maids and men,
She did begin to bawl.

`Twas on the morn of Valentine
When birds began to tweet,
Dame Durden and her maids and men
They all together meet.

sung by the Copper Family

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