Dido, Fido
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Dido, Fido

Dido, Fido
(Kipper Family)

1. Well one morning last autumn I was walking my dogs
When the Duke of Wellington we did meet.
Well Bonzo and Rover, they slobbered him all over,
While Dido nearly knocked him off his feet.
Well there was....

CHORUS: Dido, Fido, Bonzo and Rex

Rover and Lassie and Spot

There was Butch, there was Candy

There was Patch and there was Sandy

These were the dogs what I had got.

2. Well don't worry sir I said,
He won't hurt you that's just
his way of saying he like you alot.
But he took my little dog, and he kicked him in the bog
And said that's my way of showing I do not.
There was.....

3. Now the next dog being old, he was a trifle deaf
He couldn't hear a single word I said.
And so when I told him sit, he made an awful mess.
When I cleaned it up I shot the bugger dead.
That still left....

4. Now the next dog being daft, and not all the ticket
He made straight way for the river.
And there he did jump in, but the bugger couldn't swim
That's the last we saw of him forever.
There was.....

5. They chased a rabbit o'er the plain,
but that chased 'em back again
Which put my poor old dogs in quite a stew.
Now there's just 12 months today
Since I heard the squire say
"I should have them all put down, if I was you."
There was.....

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About 'Dido, Fido'

Trad. (biography)
The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.


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