Dad's a Millionaire
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Dad's a Millionaire

Dad's a Millionaire
(Henry Clay Work)

(by Dad, himself)
I wish you joy, my little ragged throng.
Your dad's a millionaire!
The fortune's come, we waited for so long,
And I'm a millionaire!
Come Will, come Bub, go buy some better shoes,
Come Liz, come Lu, go tell your Ma the news,
Though once so poor, We're now as rich as Jews,
For I'm a millionaire!

cho: Hurrah! hurrrah! Now give us a rousing song!
Goodbye! Good bye! to poverty, want and care;
The fortune's come, we've waited for so long,
And Dad's a millionaire!

(By Liz, the eldest daughter)
Good news! I'll go a-shopping, so I will
For Dad's a millionaire,
And I must have a thousand dollar bill
As Dad's a millionaire!
Put on your duds, and you'll go with me, Lu,
Come Bub, go call a carriage from the square,
We'll ride in style, along the avenue
For Dad's a millionaire!

(By Will, the hopeful heir)
Hip, Hip, Hooray! run up the striped flag
My Dad's a millionaire!
This blessed day, I'll buy a trotting nag
For Dad's a millionaire!
I vow, I'll smoke three-cent cigars no more,
Here, take them Bub, and pitch them out the door,
I'll have the best, the dearest in the store
Now Dad's a millionaire!

(By Dad)
So, wife, you think this house will never do
Now I'm a millionaire,
Well, I must build a mansion, then, for you
As I'm a millionaire!
Though as for me, I think I should invest
My wole pile in some mammoth farm out west
Yet I can build, if you should think it best
Since I'm a millionaire!

(By Liz)
I'll tell you what! we'll give a party then
As Dad's a millionaire,
And we'll invite none but the "upper ten"
Since Dad's a millionaire!
I should be sure to find another beau
For dukes and lords and nobles would be there
I've turned him off, the tailor's clerk, you know,
Now Dad's a millionaire.

From Songs of Henry Clay Work, Work

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About 'Dad's a Millionaire'

Trad. (biography)
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