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Marnie, Come Fare Away

Come Fare Away

Bright is the morning and brisk is the weather;
Steady the wind o'er the sweet singing sea.
Proudly, the tall ship arrives in the harbor;
Come fare away with me.

Marnie, come fare away,
Come fare away with me;
There's an island of dreams
Over the rolling sea.

Sails at the ready, we're bound for Newfoundland;
Hasten, my darling, and do not delay.
Trees tall and green there, and fish by the millions;
Come fare away with me.


Leave your belongings, for things do but bind us;
Hemmed in, the life here it won't do for me.
Fretting and trouble, we'll leave them behind us;
There is a land that's free.


Lace on your good shoes of stout highland leather;
Bring a warm shawl and a cup for the tea.
There is a new life, we'll build it together;
Come fare away with me.



Words by Jean Ritchie, melody adapted from an old hymn.
Copyright Geordie Music Publishing, Inc.
Recorded by Ed Trickett on "The Telling Takes Me Home," FSI-46
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