False Bride (Dancing at Whitsun etc.)
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False Bride (Dancing at Whitsun etc.)

Week Before Easter 2

I courted a bonnie girl full many's the day
And hated all people who against her did say
But now she's rewarded me well for my pain
For she's gone to get tied to another

The week before Easter, the moon bright and clear
And the sun it shone brightly and keen blew the air
I went out to the forest to gather fine flowers
But the forest would give me no roses

The roses are red, love, and the leaves they are green
The bushes and the briars are pleasant to be seen
Where the small birds are singing and changing their notes
Down among the wild beasts in the forest

And the first time I saw my love was to the church go
The bride and the bridegroom they cut a fine show
Well I followed after, my heart filled with woe
For I was the man ought to've had her

The parson who married them, aloud he did cry
For you who'd forbid it, I'd have you draw nigh
Well, said I to myself, I've a good reason why
Though I had not the heart to forbid it

And the next time I saw my love, it was in the church stand
A gold ring on her finger, white gloves on her hand
Well, said I to myself, I should have been that man
Tho I never once mentioned it to her

Oh when that my true love she sat down to meat
I sat myself by her but no thing could I eat
But I thought her sweet company better than wine
Although she was tied to some other

And the last time I saw my love, she was all dressed in white
Made my eyes fill with tears and quite dazzled my sight
So I picked up my hat and I wished her good night
Here's adieu to a false hearted true love

The men in yon forest, they all ask of me
How many strawberries grow in the salt sea?
And I answer them back with a tear in my eye
"How many dark ships sail the forest?"

Go dig me a grave, both long, wide and deep
And strew it all over with roses so sweet
That I might lie down there and take a long sleep
And that's the best way to forget her

DT #845
see also various files starting with FLSE
Recorded by Tony Saletan; by Kevin Conneff on The Week Before Easter

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About 'False Bride (Dancing at Whitsun etc.)'

Trad. (biography)
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Traditional Music of unknown author.


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