Glasgow Peggy 2
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Glasgow Peggy 2

Glasgow Peggy (2)
When I cam' in by Glesga toon,
The Hieland troops were a' before me
And the bonniest lass that e'er I saw,
She lived in Glesga; they ca'ed her Peggy.

"I wad gie my bonnie black horse;
Sae wad I my gude grey naigie
Gin I were twa hundred miles in the north
And nane wi' me but my bonnie Peggy."

Up then spak her faither dear,
And wow! but he was wondrous sorry --
"Weel may ye steal a cow or a yowe,
But ye daurna steal my bonnie Peggy."

He set her on his bonnie black horse
And he himsel' on his fine gray naigie,
And they heae rid o'er hills and dales
And he's awa' wi' his bonnie Peggy.

They hae ridden o'er hills and dales;
They hae ridden o'er mountains mony,
Until they cam tae a low, low glen,
And there he's lain doon wi' his bonnie Peggy.

And up then spak this Lowland lass,
And wow! but she spak wondrous sorry,
"My mither wad hey a gey sair hairt
Tae see me here wi' a Hieland laddie!"

"In my faither's hoose there's feather-beds,
Feather-beds and blankets mony.
They're a' mine, an' they'll sune be thine,
And what needs your mither be sae sorry, Peggy?

"Dinna ye see yon bonnie white house,
Shining on ye sae brecht and bonnie?
I am the Earl o' the Isle o' Skye,
And surely my Peggy will be ca'd a lady!"

Child #228

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About 'Glasgow Peggy 2'

Trad. (biography)
The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.


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