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Gossip Joan

Gossip Joan

Good morning, Gossip Joan, and where hast thee been awandering?
So early in the morning, so early in the morning
So early in the morning, Gossip Joan.

Our dog's gone to the copse, and I cant tell where to find him
Leave him alone he'll soon come home,
He'll soon come home, he'll soon come home,
And bring his tail behind him, Gossip Joan.

I have an idle girl, and she will ot rock the cradle
To beat her I'm afraid,
I'm afraid, I'm afraid,
Because I am not able, Gossip Joan.

Our pig he is not well. Pray tell me what's the matter
'Twas not but the other day
The other day, the other day
He ate the wooden platter, Gossip Joan.

Our duck she swallowed a snail, and by zooks! ain't that a wonder
For the horns grew out her tail
Her tail, her tail
And split her rump asunder, Gossip Joan.

Our cow she had a calf underneath the parlour window
And if it hadn't been for the bull's "halloa!"
Halloa! Halloa!
She wouldn't have had her labour, Gossip Joan.

Let's to the alehouse go and wash down all our troubles
I'll tell you of my troubles
My troubles, my troubles
For we may not meet tomorrow*, Gossip Joan.

* or "And we'll meet again tomorrow"

From Marrow Bones, Purslow
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