Whale Fishing Song
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Whale Fishing Song

Greenland Whale Fishery

No longer we will stay on shore since we are so deep in debt
And a voyage to Greenland we will go
Some money for to make, brave boys, some money for to make.

It was the year of eighteen five and March the twentieth day
When our gallant ship from her anchor swayed
To the seas she bore away, brave boys, to the seas she bore away.

It's Bollard was our captain's name and our ship the Lion bold
We're away to some far north cold country
Where the snow forever lies, brave boys, where the snow forever lies

When we did arrive in this far country where the snow for ever lies
Where the hail, wind and snow, and the big whales blow
And the daylight never dies, brave boys, and the daylight never dies

Our mate was up in the crow's nest high with a spy glass in his hand
"Oh a whale, oh a whale, oh a whale fish," he cried
"And he blows at every span, brave boys, and he blows at every span"

Our captain on the deck did run and a clever little man was he
"Overhaul, ovehaul, from the davits let them fall
And lower your boats to the sea, brave boys, and lower your boats to the sea"

The boats being launched and the lines paid out and every boat her crew
There have orders been given to all steersmen
To steer where the whale fish blew, brave boys, to steer where the whale fish

Oh we steered east and we steered west and it's all to catch the whale
But he capsized our boats and we lost five men
Nor did we catch the whale, brave boys, nor did we catch the whale

When this sad news to our captain came, he called up his old ship's crew
For the losing of his five 'prentice boys
He down his colors drew, brave boys, he down his colors drew.

Alas, alas, don't be dismayed for the losing of five men
For Providence will have its own way
Let a man do all that he can, brave boys, let a man do all that he can.

Printed in Patrick Shuldham-Shaw and Emily B. Lyle, The Greig-Duncan Folk
Song Collection, vol 1., version A.
Laws K21
DT #321
play.exe GRNFIS4A

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About 'Whale Fishing Song'

Trad. (biography)
The Artist:
Traditional Music of unknown author.


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