Jim, the Carter Lad
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Jim, the Carter Lad

Jim, the Carter Lad

My name is Jim, the carter lad
A jolly cock am I.
I always am contented
Be the weather wet or dry.
I crack me fingers at the snow
And whistle at the rain,
And I've braved the storm for many a day
And can do so again.

cho: So it's crack, crack, goes me whip
I whistle and I sing.
I sit upon me wagon
I'm as happy as a king.
My horse is always willing
And for me, I'm never sad,
There's none can lead a jollier life
Nor Jim, the carter lad.

My father was a carrier
Many years e'er I was born;
He used to rise at daybreak
And go his round each morn.
He would often take me with him
Especially in the spring.
When I loved to sit upon the cart
And hear me father sing:


It's now the girls all smile on me
As I go driving past,
The horse is such a beauty
As we jog along so fast.
We've traveled many a weary miles
But happy days we've had;
And there's none can use a horse more kind
Nor Jim, the carter lad.


Now friends, I bid you all: Adieu
'Tis time I was away.
I know my horse will weary
If I much longer stay.
To see your smiling faces here
It makes me feel quite glad
And I know you'll grant your kind applause
To Jim, the carter lad.


From Folksongs of Britain and Ireland, Kennedy

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Traditional Music of unknown author.

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