Donaldson, Walter - Yes Sir, That's My Baby
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About 'Yes Sir, That's My Baby'

1. Who's that coming down the street?
Who's that looking so petite?
Who's that coming down to meet me here?
Who's that you know who I mean,
Sweetest "who" you've ever seen,
I could tell her miles away from here.

Chorus 1
Yes, Sir, That's my Baby, No, Sir, Don't mean "Maybe"
Yes, Sir, That's my Baby now.
Yes ma'am, we've dedided, No ma'am, we won't hide it,
Yes, ma'am, you're invited now.
By the way, By the way,
When we reach the preacher I'll say, (with feeling)
Yes Sir, That's my Baby, No, Sir, don't mean "maybe",
Yes Sir, That's my Baby now.

2.  Who's the "who" I rave about?
Who do I feel blue without?
In the Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall?
What was I just "gonna" say,
I forget, but anyway,
Here's the most important thing of all.

Chorus 2:
Yes, Sir, That's my Baby, No, Sir, Don't mean "Maybe"
Yes, Sir, That's my Baby now.
Well well, "lookit" that baby, Do tell, don't say "maybe",
Nell's bells, won't she cause some row.
Pretty soon, Pretty soon,
We will hear that Lohengrin tune, (I'm sayin')
Who for should she be sir, No one else but me sir,
Yes sir, That's my Baby now.
Score Key:
Eb major (Sounding Pitch) (View more Eb major Music for Voice )
Tempo Marking:
~ = 168 Moderato
Time Signature:
2/2 (View more 2/2 Music)
Number of Pages:
Easy Level: Recommended for Beginners with some playing experience
Voice  (View more Easy Voice Music)
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