Kiss Me Good-Night Sergeant-Major sheet music

Kiss Me Good-Night Sergeant-Major sheet music for Treble Clef Instrument

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Kiss Me Good-Night Sergeant-Major

Kiss Me Goodnight, Sergeant-Major
(Art Noell & Don Pelosi)

Private Jones came in one night,
Full of cheer and very bright.
He'd been out all day upon the spree.
He bumped into Sergeant Smeck,
Put his arms around his neck
And in his ear he whispered tenderly:

cho: Kiss me good-night, Sergeant-Major,
Tuck me in my little wooden bed.
We all love you, Sergeant-Major,
When we hear your bawling, "Show a leg."
Don't forget to wake me in the morning,
And bring me round a nice hot cup of tea
Kiss me good-night, Sergeant-Major,
Sergeant-Major, be a mother to me.

Copyright Chapell & Co., Ltd.

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About 'Kiss Me Good-Night Sergeant-Major'

Artist: Traditional Melody
The Artist:Traditional Music of unknown author.
Instrument: Treble Clef Instrument  (View more Intermediate Treble Clef Instrument Music)
Style: Traditional (View more Traditional Treble Clef Instrument Music)
Copyright: Creative Commons Attribute 3.0  

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