Little Maggie sheet music

Little Maggie sheet music for Treble Clef Instrument

Tempo: 99BPM


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Little Maggie

Little Maggie

cho: Oh where is little Maggie?
On yonder hill she stands,
With her rifle crost her bosom
And her dram-glass in her hand.

Well the flowers were made for bloomin'
And the sun was made for to shine
Little girls were made for boys to love
Little Maggie was made for wine.

Sometimes I got a nickel,
And sometimes I got a dime.
Sometimes I've got five dollars
For to pay little Maggie's fine.

Oh how can I ever stand it?
Jes' ta see them two blue eyes
They're shinin' like some diamon'
Like some diamon' in the skies.

Well there stan's little Maggie
With her dram glass in her han'
She's drinkin' down her troubles
And foolin' some other man.

Oh where is little Maggie?
On yonder hill she lies.
With her rifle crost her bosom
An' two pennies on her eyes.

a version of this may be found in Hootenanny Tonight

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About 'Little Maggie'

Artist: Traditional Melody
The Artist:Traditional Music of unknown author.
Instrument: Treble Clef Instrument  (View more Intermediate Treble Clef Instrument Music)
Style: Traditional (View more Traditional Treble Clef Instrument Music)
Copyright: Creative Commons Attribute 3.0  

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